Low maintenance Human Hair Weaves

Subjecting hair to heat, products, and chemicals on a daily basis to get a great style can dry hair out, split the ends, and damage the shaft of the hair. The result is frizzy, dull, and lifeless hair. Women can give their own hair a break from heat damage by getting short or long weaves with low maintenance human hair. Different types of hair require very little styling because of the texture, body, and natural style of it.


Hair will still require maintenance to keep it from drying out, but it will not need to be curled, blow dried, or flat ironed to keep a style, depending on the type of hair chosen for the weave. Virgin hair works best, if it is naturally wavy, thick, or curly. Brazilian hair, for example, is naturally wavy and curly in a variety of styles, so customers can get a deep wave or a kinky curl and not have to style it after it is washed. Twisting or braiding waves and curly weaves at night, and sleeping with hair in a satin cap should be enough to help hair retain moisture and keep its shape.

An indian hair weave will be fine in density and feel light. The texture ranges from silky to coarse, and is widely available. The pricing may be lower than other types that are difficult to source. The ends may frizz in humid temperatures, however, so this type of hair will work best in simple styles, such as ponytails, buns, and braids. The hair is easy to style, but some heat may be needed depending on the style desired. It is a great hair for a weave, but might not be the best for low maintenance.

There are many types of human hair from which to choose so customers should consider the look they want and the purpose of the weave. If it is to get full waves with little styling needed, Brazilian or Peruvian hair would be best. If the goal is to add length and be able to style hair easily, then just about any virgin human hair will work. Options also include European, Cambodian, Malaysian, and Russian hair.